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Lafayette, IN Phone:  (765) 423-2888

Logansport, IN Phone:  (574) 516-1373

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Coulter Law Office provides aggressive representation at trial

Protect Your Rights with a Criminal Defense Attorney in Lafayette, IN

January 10, 2019

In today’s society, normal tasks like searching for a new job, applying for secondary schooling, or even looking for new housing can be extremely stressful…

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Potentially receive a lesser punishment for your misdemeanor with Coulter Law Office

Fight Your Misdemeanor with a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Lafayette, IN

December 20, 2018

All it takes is one simple mistake to negatively impact the rest of your life. Imagine a mistake that can hinder your future career, education,…

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A personal injury attorney can help you receive compensation

Injured? Let a Personal Injury Attorney in Lafayette, Indiana Represent You I Coulter Law Office

October 29, 2018

You expected long hours, time spent away from your family, and a fair amount of stress, but what about being injured while on the job?…

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Win legal custody of your child

Family Law in Lafayette Indiana: Defending Your Child Custody Rights

October 18, 2018

A divorce or separation from a loved one is often a painful experience. Stress runs high as people divide their mutual possessions and begin to…

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Vehicle Crash: When Reality Hits

September 4, 2018

I wasn’t sure what to do, everything happened so fast. I checked myself over, making sure my adrenaline rush wasn’t preventing me from sensing any…

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Family Law Attorney: Protecting the Youth of Today

August 6, 2018

Not everyone has the privilege of growing up in an environment that is abundant with support, love, and guidance. It is the unfortunate truth that…

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  • Licensed to practice law since 2008 in the State of Indiana and Northern and Southern Districts of Indiana at the Federal level.

  • Tippecanoe County BAR Association
  • Former President of the Cass County Bar Association
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