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Lafayette, IN Phone:  (765) 423-2888

Logansport, IN Phone:  (574) 516-1373

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A personal injury attorney can help you receive compensation

Injured? Let a Personal Injury Attorney in Lafayette, Indiana Represent You I Coulter Law Office

By staatz | October 29, 2018

You expected long hours, time spent away from your family, and a fair amount of stress, but what about being injured while on the job? Many workers experience common injuries like falling or straining a muscle—without being aware that these injuries can be compensated! Countless other employees are also denied compensation due to illegitimate reasons…

Win legal custody of your child

Family Law in Lafayette Indiana: Defending Your Child Custody Rights

By staatz | October 18, 2018

A divorce or separation from a loved one is often a painful experience. Stress runs high as people divide their mutual possessions and begin to restructure their lives. A separation can also be extremely hectic for a child, as they begin to adjust to new living arrangements. We at Coulter Law Office know how challenging…

Family Law Attorney: Protecting the Youth of Today

By Bryan | August 6, 2018

Not everyone has the privilege of growing up in an environment that is abundant with support, love, and guidance. It is the unfortunate truth that many children grow up in situations that we wouldn’t wish upon our worst enemy. A family law attorney can be the difference between a happy, fulfilled life and one overflowing…

prenuptial law attorney

Lafayette Lawyer for Prenuptial Agreements | Coulter Law Office

By Bryan | May 21, 2018

Marriage is a huge step in one’s life. Two people are mutually deciding to spend the rest of their lives together, happily-ever-after. This is what everyone hopes will happen. However, real life frequently takes a different avenue. Whether it is due to a tragic breakup or merely a consensus, it is best and most comfortable…

criminal defense attorney

Is the Law Abusing You? | Criminal Defense Attorney in Lafayette, IN | Coulter Law Office

By Bryan | May 7, 2018

When and Why are Car Searches Legal Envision this. You are cruising down the interstate, enjoying your new favorite song when all of a sudden, you see red and blue flashing behind you. Cautiously, you look in your rear-view mirror and, unfortunately, your fears are proved to be a reality. You immediately turn down the…

criminal defense attorney

Criminal Defense Attorney in Lafayette, IN | Coulter Law Office

By Bryan | May 7, 2018

Everyone makes mistakes. This common saying has drifted in and out of our lives. When one hears this statement, it’s quite easy to say that, yes, people do have their fair share of mistakes. This makes it seem as if anytime someone messes up, it’s no big deal. However, what if that mistake follows you around…

Vehicle Crash: When Reality Hits

By admin | September 4, 2018

I wasn’t sure what to do, everything happened so fast. I checked myself over, making sure my adrenaline rush wasn’t preventing me from sensing any significant injuries. I was alive, no punctures or wounds that needed stitches. I only noticed scratches and a few bruised areas that I could already see were beginning to turn…

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