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Lafayette, IN Phone:  (765) 423-2888

Logansport, IN Phone:  (574) 516-1373

Criminal Law

Receiving Stolen Property – Heinous Crime, or Lucky Me?

if you have received stolen property contact bryan coulter in lafayette indiana

Did you know that you can be convicted of theft without actually stealing anything?  Believe it or not, this is true. But it isn’t as though you’re going about your day, minding your own business, when suddenly, you’re in trouble. What we’re referring to here is the act of receiving stolen property. You may or…

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Defend Yourself & Your Check With a Criminal Defense Attorney

contact coulter law office in lafayette indiana for help with check deception

Your suitcase is practically bursting at the zipper as you continue to stuff beach clothes into your bag. Sunglasses — Check! Flip Flops — Check! Hotel Booking — Check! It’s a three-day weekend and you’re going to make the most of every minute of it as you head for the ocean with your friends. Before…

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The Points You Don’t Want to Score

get points off your drivers license with bryan coulter a criminal defense attorney in lafayette indiana

Have you been ticketed unfairly? Do you feel like your driving was justified to avoid a wreck? Maybe a speed change sign was missing from the road? If you have any other reason you think might prove your innocence, you should consider getting legal help to get those points off your record.  Points on your…

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Downloading That Song Could Cost Your Freedom…

If you charged with online piracy contact brian coulter a criminal defense attorney in lafayette indiana

We all know the common phrase “sharing is caring”— many of us even try to live by this expression. We share laughs in the locker room, ideas in our workplaces, stories at dinnertime, and occasionally, gossip; we also share the cyber world.  As we flip between social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, and content…

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Expungement? Your Road to a Clean Record in Lafayette, Indiana

bryan coulter is a criminal defense attorney in lafayette indiana who offers record expungement

Getting your record expunged is an excellent way to get a clean slate in the eyes of the public and the law. Expungement can help you live your life to the fullest by allowing you access to opportunities that have been taken away by a prior arrest or conviction. Bryan Coulter, a criminal defense attorney…

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Selling Prescription Pills—The Cost Is Your Freedom

if you are accused of selling prescription pill you need a criminal defense attorney in lafayette indiana

As you lean back in the dentist’s chair waiting for the procedure to start, you nervously glance around the room. Large tools loom ominously against the wall, sterile-looking cabinets line the room, and random pictures (is that a boat scene?) are slapped haphazardly on the ceiling. Today’s the day—your wisdom teeth are coming out. Though…

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Marijuana Policies in a Non-Green State – Know Where Indiana Stands

if you are charged with marijuana possession contact coulter law office for help in lafayette indiana

The weekend is almost here, and you can’t wait for it to begin. Your last hour at work consists of you slowly shuffling papers around your desk, staring at the same email for fifteen minutes, and stealthily glancing at the clock. Finally, it’s 5:00 pm. With a quick, “Have a good weekend,” to your coworkers,…

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What Can a Theft Accusation Mean for You?

a criminal defense attorney in lafayette indiana can help save your future success and career with representation

A theft accusation can carry severe immediate and future implications. Hefty fines, jail time, and prison sentences can become harsh realities. With these penalties also come serious secondary implications. Imagine, a theft accusation or sentencing can hinder your future career opportunities…     Don’t worry yet! A theft accusation does not have to result in damaging…

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Protect Your Rights with a Criminal Defense Attorney in Lafayette, IN

Coulter Law Office provides aggressive representation at trial

In today’s society, normal tasks like searching for a new job, applying for secondary schooling, or even looking for new housing can be extremely stressful and difficult—now imagine doing those things with a criminal record. With a criminal record, future opportunities can be harder to achieve, which is why a competent attorney is absolutely necessary…

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