bryan coulter is a criminal defense attorney in lafayette indiana who offers record expungement

Getting your record expunged is an excellent way to get a clean slate in the eyes of the public and the law. Expungement can help you live your life to the fullest by allowing you access to opportunities that have been taken away by a prior arrest or conviction. Bryan Coulter, a criminal defense attorney in Lafayette, Indiana, can help you get your record cleared if you’re eligible for expungement.

What is Expungement?

Expungement is the process of sealing, erasing, or deleting an individual’s criminal record. Many crimes and arrests can be sealed through expungement. Almost all misdemeanor and many non-violent felonies are eligible to be removed from your record. Indiana’s Second Chance Law allows many first-time offenders to apply for their records to be expunged. This process has been expanded in recent years to help prior offenders successfully return to their communities and give them better opportunities in areas like employment and housing.

What Are the Benefits of Expungement?

access more opportunities with record expungement in lafayette indiana

The greatest benefit of getting your record expunged is the access to new opportunities… 

  • No longer having to disclose arrests or convictions to employers
  • Your record not showing up on companies’ criminal history searches
  • Passing any landlord’s background check and seeing your rental options expand 
  • Not having to disclose crimes and convictions in college applications 
  • Getting back some essential rights of a citizen
  • Having your right to vote restored
  • Having your gun rights restored, provided you weren’t convicted of a misdemeanor or felony related to domestic violence
  • Being eligible to receive public assistance like food stamps across the United States

All of these benefits can serve to vastly improve your quality of life. From now being able to have any career you’re qualified for or attending college to pursue your dream job, expungement can give you back your freedom.

Can Anyone Still See My Record After It’s Expunged?

One of the biggest reasons people have their records expunged is also one of the simplest ones—privacy. Individuals often want to distance themselves from that chapter of their life and don’t want everyone to have instant access to their past mistakes. After your record is expunged, no regular citizens will be able to access your past through online records searches or background checking services. No universities or companies will be able to see these records either. The only institutions with access to your record will be government agencies and law enforcement.

How Can I Get My Record Expunged?

Seeing all the benefits an expungement and a clean slate can bring can be eye-opening. Housing, education, and our occupations are pillars of our society that can be restored with this process. Interested in expungement or want to know if you’re eligible? Contact Bryan Coulter, a criminal defense attorney in Lafayette, Indiana with years of experience in expungement law, for a free consultation.