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Trusted Family Law Representation

Trusted Family Law Representation

When it comes to family law, feelings and emotions are never in short supply. Attorney Bryan Coulter understands the emotional circumstances surrounding family law cases. Choose a family law attorney who listens, understands, and will work with you to develop the best solution for your family law matter. Attorney Bryan Coulter is proud to be a family law attorney in Lafayette, IN with the expertise and experience needed to represent you and the family you hold close. 

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We Can Help With...

Child Support and Custody
Prenuptial Agreements

Lafayette, IN Family Law Attorney for Divorce

Divorce cases require the expertise of incredibly experienced family law attorneys. From initial paperwork to the negotiation of assets, there is a myriad of factors to think about when entering a divorce case. This, coupled with the emotional burden of the case, can become a heavy, complicated weight. At Coulter Law Office, we'll walk you through every step, ensuring that your questions are answered at each point in the process. Call your family law attorney in Lafayette, IN today for a consultation.

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Child Support and Custody

Family Law Attorneys for Child Support and Custody Cases

Cases in which parents are either unmarried or divorced generally require legal assistance when it comes to creating a custody agreement between the two parents. We can help you determine factors like: 

  • Holidays 
  • Activities 
  • Time spent with children 
  • Schedules/work arrangements 

Our Lafayette family law attorneys will help you make arrangements both swiftly and fairly so everyone can return to their busy lives. Whether you are petitioning for residence rights, visitation, or full custody, Attorney Bryan Coulter, an experienced family law attorney in Lafayette, IN, is here to protect your rights.

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Prenuptial Agreements

Family Law Attorneys for Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements provide you with the protection you need to keep your assets protected and safe prior to entering into marriage. Family law attorney, Bryan Coulter, is able to advise you on the best course of action when developing your prenuptial agreement. We can also provide you with the documentation necessary. We'll help you figure out all the legal details before the big day.

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Lafayette Family Law Attorney for Guardianship

When a child is facing an unfit living situation, it is crucial to find a qualified legal representative as soon as possible. You need a family law attorney who is able to petition for the guardianship of the children, removing them from the dangerous living conditions. If you need someone to aggressively and expertly petition your case, look no further than Coulter Law Office. 

Additionally, if you have recently lost custody of a child and are seeking to regain rights, Attorney Bryan Coulter can work with you to help you petition the necessary agencies and help you prove to these agencies that you should receive custody of your child again. Contact Coulter Law Office, family law attorneys in Lafayette, IN to see how we can help you through our family law services.

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Others Cases Covered by Family Law Attorneys in Lafayette, Indiana

Don't see your case listed? No problem. We are able to cover a myriad of other family law cases as well. Just call our offices and speak with Mr. Coulter, family law attorney in Lafayette and beyond, about your case. He is happy to offer direction and assistance. 

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  • Licensed to practice law since 2008 in the State of Indiana and Northern and Southern Districts of Indiana at the Federal level.

  • Tippecanoe County BAR Association
  • Former President of the Cass County Bar Association
  • Indiana Public Defender Council