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Family Law Attorney: Protecting the Youth of Today

Not everyone has the privilege of growing up in an environment that is abundant with support, love, and guidance. It is the unfortunate truth that many children grow up in situations that we wouldn’t wish upon our worst enemy. A family law attorney can be the difference between a happy, fulfilled life and one overflowing with daily dread. Many people have difficulty identifying when abuse is taking place. The truth is this injustice can come in many forms, not just physical. Maybe you can recall a time where you’ve noticed a child who has lacked the nourishment necessary for healthy growth and development. Whether they are experiencing emotional, physical, or psychological abuse, they are suffering through a struggle that no one should endure let alone an individual who is just in the beginning stages of life. Do your part and educate yourself on the potential issues tied to abuse. The following information can help you better pinpoint the symptoms of maltreatment and thus pursue the road to justice.

The Effects of Emotional Abuse

When a child is going through emotional abuse, it is often tough to identify because youth tends to display a wide range of emotions as they develop into early adulthood. Depending on their age groups, they can exhibit different effects of this abuse. Younger children can become easily attached to strangers. They can also display a lack of confidence, lack of close relations with their parents, or poor behavior towards other children.

Older children are more difficult to assess. Their behaviors may consist of poor relations with their parents, lack of friendships, and frequent breakdowns or outbursts. As they develop into young adults, this behavior is almost expected. This is why we should be particularly careful when it comes to teenagers. Where one individual may be going through the confusion of adolescence, another may be coping with the symptoms of emotional neglect.

Physical Impacts

Physical neglect is usually what individuals envision when they hear the word abuse. Even though it is not the only form of neglect, it is still severe. Physically hurting another person is not acceptable; however, many children face these poor circumstances on a daily basis. They suffer through traumas like kicking, punching, and even burning, by people who are supposedly their “loved ones.”

Symptoms that accompany physical abuse can be but aren’t specific to poor performance in school, short temper, anxiety, frequent complaints of pains, and clingy behavior.

Mental Consequences

Mental abuse spans across a wide range of injustices. The adult can abuse the child by rejecting them and refusing their needs or terrorizing the child, promoting fear of the caregiver and the world.

Experiences of mental abuse in one’s childhood can yield to lifelong impacts. Suffering through psychological trauma in their youth can result in people being more likely to plunge into depression and anxiety in their adulthood. These obstacles can even delay individuals in their mental growth.

Making a Move that Changes Lives

We know that acknowledging a difficult situation like child abuse can be challenging to do. This, let alone bringing up the case in the safest and most responsible manner can be trying on everyone involved. Even after the issue is reported, the circumstances will require continual care in order to rectify. It takes a strong individual to acknowledge and take on the responsibility of the situation. As active members of society, we must serve the youth and other people around us. Coulter Law Office can assist you through the process. With our family law attorney, we will help you get on the fast track to delivering justice and promoting your moral standards.



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