A personal injury attorney in Lafayette Indiana can help you receive compensation

You expected long hours, time spent away from your family, and a fair amount of stress, but what about being injured while on the job? Many workers experience common injuries like falling or straining a muscle—without being aware that these injuries can be compensated! Countless other employees are also denied compensation due to illegitimate reasons or are bullied into accepting bribes or other “incentives” by their employers. Located in Lafayette, personal injury attorney Bryan Coulter, wants you to know your rights when it comes to workplace injuries and will fight for you if any of these rights are violated!

Types of Workplace Injuries

While on the job, moving at a fast pace is sometimes unavoidable and even in the safest environments, accidents happen. Often times, employees do not recognize injury risks or do not report injuries due to fear of backlash—not immediately realizing an injury has occurred or believing that home remedies will solve the damage. In order to help prevent injuries and shed light on common accidents that occur, a list is provided below.

  • Slipping or Falling: Slippery surfaces, uneven ground, or poorly lit areas could lead to serious falls.
  • Strained Muscles: Lack of proper training or repetitive motions could lead to strained muscles, which carry serious consequences like muscle tears or arthritis.
  • Toxic Fumes: When working with chemicals or industrial machinery, an employee can be exposed to dangerous fumes which could result in damages to the nervous system and other parts of the body.

You can receive compensation from a personal injury attorney in Lafayette Indiana if injured at work

  • Falling Objects: When equipment or products are unsecured, an employee faces the risk of being struck by a falling object which could lead to serious injury.
  • Stress: Not all injuries are physical. An employee who is subjected to continuous stress is prone to develop depression, high blood pressure, and serious illnesses like heart disease.

What Happens if an Injury Occurs?

In Indiana, almost all employees are covered by workers’ compensation (see exclusions), which is a state-mandated insurance program that provides compensation to workers who have experienced work-related injuries. If injured, an employee must first file a report to a supervisor (the sooner, the better). An investigation usually follows, and an employee is either denied compensation or given the proper medical treatment or disability payment. In a perfect world, all claims would be accepted and proper treatment provided, but what if an employee is unfairly denied these rights?

Can My Claim Be Rejected?

If your injury claim is not accepted, all hope is not lost. When denied, many workers simply accept their fate, but personal injury attorney in Lafayette, Indiana, Bryan Coulter, knows that the system does not always work. Below is a list of reasons why many claims can be rejected.

  • Failure to Provide Notice: There is often a set period of time in which injuries must be reported to a supervisor in order to be covered. But what if the employee does not realize he/she has been injured right away?
  • Injury Caused by Deliberate Actions: If an employee is not following safety precautions or is involved in other discouraged activities, compensation may be denied.
  • Difficult to Prove: Some injuries, like those related to stress, may be difficult to prove or compensate and are therefore likely to be rejected.
  • Injury is Less Severe than Reported: A claimant may have their benefits reduced or denied if they are still able to perform their job.

Though these are some of the most common reasons why claims are denied, claims can also be denied for a number of reasons—like not receiving medical care or not being covered by insurance.

File an Appeal with a Personal Injury Attorney in Lafayette, Indiana

If you believe your employer has denied a legitimate claim or has used unorthodox methods like bribes, threats, or incentives, you may be entitled to an appeal. Here at Coulter Law Office, we know how devastating a work-related injury can be, and we are dedicated to making sure you receive the compensation you deserve. With nearly a decade of appellate experience, personal injury attorney in Lafayette, Indiana, Bryan Coulter, is ready to fight for your case in a court of law.