get points off your drivers license with bryan coulter a criminal defense attorney in lafayette indiana

Have you been ticketed unfairly? Do you feel like your driving was justified to avoid a wreck? Maybe a speed change sign was missing from the road? If you have any other reason you think might prove your innocence, you should consider getting legal help to get those points off your record. 

Points on your license can stack up quickly and take years to go away, so making sure you get rid of the points you don’t deserve is important! If you have recently received a ticket and need help, read on to learn how Bryan Coulter, a criminal defense attorney in Lafayette, Indiana, can assist you.

How Does the Point System Work?

With point values for certain offenses differing from state to state, Indiana has their own unique points chart. Offenses range from two to eight points and can be stacked if you commit multiple offenses in one traffic stop. Some of these offenses can include things like failing to use a turn signal and not using your headlights for two points, all the way to not yielding for emergency vehicles and speed contests, which will cost you six and eight points respectively. 

Indiana currently limits the amount of points you can incur in a 24-month period to 18. This might seem like a wide leash; however, one spree of poor decisions can rack up enough points to get a license on the verge of suspension—leaving you looking for legal help.

How Can I Get Rid of an Unfair Ticket?

with a criminal defense attorney in lafayette indiana you can dispute your ticket

If you think you’ve been wrongly ticketed, there are 4 main ways to fight it.

  1. Dispute the officer’s personal opinion. 

For example, if you get a ticket for going below the speed limit, but it was considered too fast by the officer due to the conditions, you can argue that the conditions were fine to be going that speed. Another common scenario for this defense is that you had to speed due to how fast all the cars around you were going. 

2. Dispute the officer’s presentation of evidence. 

This is the hardest way to get rid of a ticket. This is due to the fact that the judge has to decide whether they believe your account of events or the officer’s. These would be situations where you are claiming that an officer couldn’t have possibly seen you blow a stop sign because they had already turned down another street.

3. Proving there was a mistake of fact. 

This can be an effective way of getting points off your record, as you can explain that you turned down a one-way because the sign was blown down in a storm or being in the wrong lane because the lines had worn off the road.

4. Argue that your driving was justified. 

Usually, this means it was done to prevent harm. If you feel as though maybe you had to speed to get past a driver who was dangerous to be behind or had to drive in the wrong lane momentarily to avoid an accident, you can try to prove you had to break the law for safety reasons.

Who Should I Call to Help Me Beat a Bad Ticket?

If you need help getting your traffic violation tossed out or just want to learn more, contact Coulter Law. A criminal defense attorney in Lafayette, Indiana with years of experience in traffic violation defense, Byran Coulter can help get your unfair ticket tossed—keeping your license and your cash in your wallet.