I wasn’t sure what to do, everything happened so fast. I checked myself over, making sure my adrenaline rush wasn’t preventing me from sensing any significant injuries. I was alive, no punctures or wounds that needed stitches. I only noticed scratches and a few bruised areas that I could already see were beginning to turn another color. I’m alive, I thought, I’m alive.

“Okay, Okay,“ I said to myself, struggling to regain control. “You’re good,” I consoled myself, attempting to get out of the car seat.

What happened to the other driver? Was he okay? When I got out of the car, wincing in pain, my jaw dropped. What I saw in front of me wasn’t the scene of a vehicle crash, it was the aftermath of a tornado.

I stumbled backwards as I struggled to take in the scene and comprehend how the last three minutes created the catastrophe before me now. Once I regained some sense of reality and the present moment, I grabbed at my phone, punching in the numbers hurriedly.

“Please, send help,” I managed to gasp, confirming my location and bringing my attention back to the heartache in front of me.

Rushing up to the car that had collided with me, I couldn’t see any movement. Approaching the mangled metal, I slowed down and prepared myself for the worst, my breath taking on a shallow struggle. Peering through the glass, I saw a dark-haired man in his mid-twenties. A gash above his left eye bled profusely. A gasp escaped my lips as I fumbled to grasp the door handle with my shaking hands. The cold sweat that engulfed me poured down twofold.

The door unlocked, and I reached for the man’s hand. I picked up his arm to check his pulse, and the beating of mine intensified greatly when I noticed he didn’t move in response to my grip.

“Hey, hey, can you hear me?” Nothing. I pressed my fingertips into his wrist, leaving fingernail marks when I pulled away. I felt my lungs decompress as I found the faint thumping. My shoulders relaxed down and away from my ears. Still, I was not sure what would happen to him. Would he hang on? If he did, would he be able to walk or have issues with his memory? Thoughts swirled through my mind, instantly making me dizzy. I stepped back and took a deep breath, attempting to calm myself in the midst of what seemed like a scene from hell.

The thought of, “What am I going to do?” kept flashing through my mind. I couldn’t move.  I stood and looked at the scene until sirens could be heard faintly, before becoming unbearably loud as they neared our location. The lights danced on the trees as the ambulance and cops sped toward us.

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